Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bacon of Light

Epic thread on the WoW forums. Some highlights:
Bacon of Light is actually a skill for another hero class: the Iron Chef

The Iron Chef uses the Meal & Judgment system

The Iron Chef first creates a Meal (Meal of Light, Meal of Wisdom, etc), and when he calls for it, the judges come in and Judge the Meal

They have "Ham" spells that they can use on themselves or others. i.e Ham of Freedom, Ham of Protection

The Iron Chef also has auras like Froth Resistance Aura when you need to make a clear soup/broth/etc

Talents include "Rye for a Rye" and "Holy Stock" (much better than chicken stock, beef stock, etc.)

Only parts of the class are OP. Some parts are still questionable if it'll work out. For example, I think Guardian's Flavor should also affect Ham of Sacrifice, what with HoS being on such a long cooldown, but that's just me.

Back to the IC... it's even more dangerous in a group.

Basting of Might fills up a warrior's sage bar to full, and they'll be handling out Mackerel Strikes left and right with no cooldown.

Basting of Wisdom turns a shaman into a Grain-heal spamming machine

Basting of Kings is just good for anyone

no what's really OP is how they can spam Dash of Spice on their allies forever and never have to stop.

Hmm, I'm hungry now.


  1. Amidst all the Highs and Lows during the overhaul of our class, it's nice to see the Paladin community have a little sense of humor.

    This made my day.

    Added to the post with my take on Iron Chef PvP.


  2. I love the Iron Chef. This made me LMAO.

  3. Mmmm... Bacon...

  4. This post and this thread: would get along nicely.