Saturday, October 25, 2008

Something I Did Not Know

Every 20% drunk you are, creatures appear one level lower than they actually are.

Hilarious! An elegant way to model poor judgement.


  1. I think the basic paladin mechanics are to blame, which includes the seals. Blizz has had a hard time giving us decent moves, in part due to the fact that against most classes we have invincibility for 10 seconds, while being able to attack or being able to heal. Invincibility, plate, healing...why should they get dps?
    There was a post on the wow forums that asked for a revamp of the paladin, creating sort of a hybrid between a paladin, a warrior of sigmar and a bit like a death knight.
    Imagine for a second, that not all paladin abilities relied on mana, however mana was still an integral part of the paladin. There would also be a holy energy bar that sotres holy energy much like the vial of the sunwell. Healing and crits (maybe other things, like blocks....test it obviously) could fill up this energy bar. Some paladin moves could only be used with a x amount of energy, just like a warrior. The energy could also affect the strength of moves. Say, for example, nerf the baseline divine shield so it's protection for just a few seconds...and dispellable. However, provide bonuses such as extended time and undispellability if you have 100% holy energy when you use it.
    It would help holy paladins exactly as the vial of the sunwell works...adds +healing to spells when you activate the use of the energy for it. This means a holy paladin could build up +healing to use in burst situations, even while mobile...activate the energy bar to use up all built up energy on the next cast, and cast shock.
    Could this energy be burnable? I'd like to avoid that, so I'd advocate for this energy only to be able to be used if you have the mana to cast the spell in the first place.
    If you must burn this energy, then i suggest a rage burn, energy burn, and runic power burn...just to be fair. (and to piss off the rogues)
    The suggestion is unpolished, however, when I look at it, it screams paladin. (I do not take credit for the idea, its bits and pieces from warhammer and warcraft characters put together by Aeito of Bloodscalp)
    Think about it. Please...I'd like feedback.

  2. It's an interesting idea. But it's too big a change. Even the changes we see in 3.02 are much smaller in scope.

    Changing our main resource of mana into a different resource is not going to happen. The best we can do is propose a mechanism where mana "mimics" the effect you want to get.

  3. "Hilarious! An elegant way to model poor judgement."
    Should I be saying "I see what you did there"?

  4. Umm. Probably not. I was just talking about the drunkenness effect, not making a commentary on anything else.

  5. Rohan, I know you've mentioned this before but this is another excellent, hilarious and clever way that Blizzard polishes their games. By no means am I the most experienced player, but the fact that something new like this can wow me after 2 years is a nice treat.

  6. I remember running the warrior "gauntlet" quest in redridge where you have to complete a circuit drunk. I thought "why are these mobs grey?" it was pretty hilarious. . .

  7. @ the first post - Divine Shield is dispellable.

  8. You sir, are sober too often.

    I noticed this a LONG time ago...

    For a brief moment, I hoped that it actually WORKED and enemies would act like a lower lvl for your hit table... I never tested it on a boss, but it didn't seem to pan out.

    (While a post TBC thing, the pony keg is one of the best items in the game)