Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beacon of Light and Range Tip

One fact that's often overlooked is the fact that Beacon of Light has *60* yard range, even though paladin heals have a 40 yard range.

So if you're assigned to heal a target that occasionally goes out of range, keep Beacon up on them, and heal people closer to you. This gives you a little more leeway in moving. You don't have to move right away to keep pace with your target, you can move a bit later. Or sometimes you don't have to move at all, if they will come back in range.

This is a particularly useful tactic for fights where someone has to go pickup adds and bring them back to the group, as they'll often only be out of range for a few seconds. Beacon of Light can even be cast when the target is up to 60 yards away, so you don't even need to refresh Beacon early.

This is a small tip if you are having range issues as a paladin healer. Choose your Beacon target wisely. Sometimes the main tank is not the best choice.


  1. Beacon is great on fights like Emalon and the twin worms on Beasts, where the tanks can be fairly spread apart. The only time it's a worry is when I have to get out of range of my main target to refresh Beacon on the other.

  2. Ah, jeffo, but you don't need to get out of range of your main target.

    You can cast Beacon on a target 60 yards away. If they are getting heals from your Beacon, you can refresh without moving.

  3. /headbonk
    I'm not sure how I managed to miss that one for so long. Thanks!

  4. Yep that is a great Tip! I just posted about this same thing in my "New To Level 80?" postings on my blog "The V-Team".

    (insert shamless plug)

    I must also say that your blog was/is the inspiration for mine.
    Thanks for your help!

  5. Thanks for those tips.
    This bring the following question though : does the BoL healing follows LoS ?

    If not, this could open interesting options.

    For example on the forgemaster in PoS, you could stand behind the Stone he throws at you and heal yourself, so that BoL heals the tank anyway (as long as he is in range).

  6. Dark, Yes this does work as long as the beaconed target is in range of you. I have done exactly this in that fight because no one ran behind the rock. I was behind it and was out of LoS on everyone so I kept the tank up by healing myself and the DPS learned a lesson.

  7. I use Beacon this way all the time. Another useful situation is if you're the healer in a quickie heroic and you can't keep up with the tank. Beacon gives you a few more seconds to loot before the tank goes completely out of range.

  8. "This bring the following question though : does the BoL healing follows LoS ?"

    Yes, it follows LoS. Tried it out to see if it would work in arena, because my pally friend fails at dodging mana burns. Turns out it won't heal if he's out of LoS, probably for the same reason we wanted to abuse it.

  9. Tyra, it worked for me fighting the Forgemaster in PoS so maybe they did something to it in arena or there was something else going on range wise. Or maybe the tanks are not really out of my LoS.

  10. Used this on Blood Prince Council last night. Myself and the other paladin healer beaconed the tank on Keleseth and focused our heals on the other two tanks. With both healers remaining fairly stationary and pumping heals into their targets + their beacon target we didn't need a third tank healer and they were free to run around gathering blue berries without worrying about range issues.

  11. @Vailladin:

    I would have to guess that they were in LoS. We didn't test it in arena specifically, but in Darnassus (so we wouldn't lose points, just in case it didnt work ;P). My brother stood at the arena queue, i was up a level behind a pillar, but within 60yds for sure. I think we also tested it on something else, but i can't remember anything else.

    It is possible that we just made a mistake somehow, but we figured Beacon being unLoSable would make it extremely overpowered in arena. I'll gladly test it again when i can find a handy holy pally ;)

  12. Another useful tip for Beacon: To achieve the maximum throughput while healing your MT it is actually better not to heal them directly. By casting HL on a nearby melee or the OT, the MT receives the Beacon transfer PLUS the Glyph of Holy Light splash.

    If you heal the MT directly they only receive the initial heal.