Saturday, January 23, 2010

Top WoW Videos - #4 - The Craft of War: BLIND

The #4 video on my countdown is The Craft of War: BLIND, by Percula.

Like 90% of WoW's population, this video inspired me to make a rogue.

Though most of elements such as style, music, plot, and pacing are well done, the real strength here is the animation. Percula used the WoW models and scenery, but did his own animation. He did a superb job. Everyone, from the soldiers to the rogues to the trumpeter, is extremely well done.

In particular, I love how he used the animation to convey the essence of his main characters. The rogues are all style and flair, with lots of movement. On the other hand, Lady Prestor, who is the dragon Onyxia masquerading as a human noble, is very contained, with minimal motions. It is a beautiful contrast.

One thing I enjoy in movies is a good introduction of a villain.1 The first impression you get of the villain is often the most important one. Percula's presentation of Onyxia in this video is awesome. He spends the video building up the blood elf rogue, from the tavern fight, to the two rogues fight, to the group of guards before Lady Prestor. Then the rogue, which Percula has taken such pains to establish as exceptionally competent, gets to Lady Prestor. And Lady Prestor just beats down the rogue without breaking a sweat; then has the audacity to mock the rogue about Lady Prestor's secret identity, thus using the rogue's own Blind against herself. It is a superb introduction that utterly establishes Onyxia's credentials as a genuine bad-ass.

There are also a lot of small touches in this video. For example, the scratches in the Blood Elf's sword at the end, and the way the guard flinches when Onyxia deflects the dagger at him. All these small touches add to the finished product, making The Craft of War: BLIND a great, great video.

Top Video List (so far):
  1. The Craft of War: BLIND
  2. Big Blue Dress

1. My favorite villain introduction is in the movie The Illusionist. That introduction is just sublime in its efficiency.


  1. I have to say that Percula's video is one of the best I've seen. I'm very excited to see what the last three videos are :D

  2. I saw that video several months ago and forgot the name of it. I'm glad you put it up, now I have to save it. I'm excited to see what you have ranked above this one.

  3. Yeah, this is one of the best WoW machinama so far. Thanks for reposting it. Gets my blood stirring each time.

  4. I loved this video when I first saw it on WoW Insider, been waiting for the sequel!

  5. "thus using the rogue's own Blind against herself"

    I thought the "blind" in the name was part reference to the rogue ability but also part reference to the blindness of the SW soldiers, blind to the dragon in their midst...

    But yeah, incredible movie. I truly hope the person who made it manages to land a good job and continue making such movies.