Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How To Do Top DPS Video

Here's a very nice video about how to improve DPS after you have the basics (gear, gemming, rotation) down. It's by a hunter, Kripparrian, from the guild Exodus:

Direct Link

I think the best point is to think 2 or 3 abilities ahead. So you aren't reacting, but executing a plan.


  1. video doesnt seem to be there

  2. Well, it's showing up for me. I added a direct link to Youtube just in case other people can't see it.

  3. adblock was blocking it >.<

    sorry about that

  4. Nice video. I would love to use a G15 to spam a key (as recommended by this video), so as to increase my dps and avoid finger-strain from having to do this manually, but my understanding is that this is banned by Blizzard. See the quotes here:

    Is this right that it is banned?