Saturday, January 30, 2010

Top WoW Videos - #3 - Tales of the Past III

The #3 video on my countdown is Martin Falch's magnum opus, Tales of the Past III.

Note that there's no Youtube link. In a world where most machinima are shorts, rarely exceeding the 10 minute mark, Martin Falch made a full-length, one-and-a-half hours-long, movie. The movie is 2.3 GB in size, so I recommend using the torrent option to download it.

The movie is pretty epic. It features many of the big names in Warcraft, including Thrall, Jaina, Arthas and the Ashbringer. Also, there's a paladin in full Judgment, which automatically makes every movie better. Tales of the Past III is over the top, but gloriously so.

It is not a perfect movie. In a lot of technical aspects, it is weaker than the other movies lower on the list. But I admire boldness and daring. Martin Falch dreamed a greater dream, one that most other machinima creators would hesitate to raise their eyes to. And he had the fortitude to see his vision to completion.

Top Video List (so far):
  1. Tales of the Past III
  2. The Craft of War: BLIND
  3. Big Blue Dress


  1. Hiya! long time lurker on your blog :)

    Don't forget that for the Tales of the past series, including 1 and 2, Martin falch did one of the most incredible things: Unite a entire server to help make the movie. The full scale PvP battles that you see in the movie? all real-time and done by real players. That's probably what makes the movie so real to me :)

  2. This one is my favorite. It's even better than some well-known movies.