Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cinematic: Safe Haven

Blizzard dropped a new cinematic on us in the lead up to patch 8.2 titled Safe Haven.

It's a pretty good cinematic. It looks like Thrall is coming back to the Horde.

I really wonder what Blizzard is planning for Sylvanas. They said she won't be Garrosh 2.0, but she's sure looking like it. I also don't think they're handling her character very well. She's supposed to be the cool-headed, competent archetype, but she seems to be making rash and foolish decisions all through this expansion.

Ah well, we'll see how this turns out in the patch.


  1. "Where are they?"
    "Not far... but far enough that they won't have to create a bunch of new character models for them just now."

    Though I see people have also come up with darker interpretations...

    1. Heh, I really like Gnomecore's theory. I doubt it's true, but broken-down house in the trailer was weird enough that I remarked on it when I first watched it. "Huh, I'm surprised Thrall's family would live in a house like that. Oh well, they probably live elsewhere, somewhere hidden."