Friday, May 24, 2019

Classic Updates, Heroic Mekkatorque Woes

WoW Classic Beta

I haven't had much time with the Classic Beta. I got up to the quest with the Defias Pillagers, who have killed me multiple times so far. I think I'm a bit underlevelled. I probably should have gone and done the quests in the dwarf area.

I'm really not feeling the paladin, though. Currently Classic Beta feels very lonely and paladin game-play is very boring. I think I'm going to try out a few different classes this weekend.

I did roll a Tauren Druid, but have only reached level 3 with it.

Heroic Mekkatorque

We're still having a lot of trouble with Heroic Mekkatorque. We can beat it every week, but it always takes us five or more pulls every week. It's simply not on farm status. Unlike all the other fights, it feels like we haven't improved on that fight even after killing it several times. In contrast, we can one-shot Heroic Jaina now.

Because Heroic Mekkatorque can take us up to two hours, it's in an awkward position for completing all the content, and actually getting both Daza'lor and Crucible down in one week.

I think there must be a better strategy out there, though I'm not sure what we're doing wrong. My guess is that our tank movement and raid positioning is ad-hoc, and makes things more difficult than it has to be. Like maybe there's a better way to position the group that makes the fight more standard and less variable.

If anyone can link me a particularly clean H-Mekkatorque kill video, I would be grateful. All the videos I can find have messy kills, usually because they're first kills.


  1. At Mekkatorque, bot positions and movement are random, boss landing positions are random, and sheep positions too are random, so I'm not sure that magical good positioning for phase 3 exists.

    1. Yeah, I'm just looking for generalities. Like do you group up, or spread out? How do the tanks move? Should we assign a healer to stay near each rock?

    2. Healers have to be spread around so that they don't have to move all at once. However placing them near rocks does not look like good idea because they could just be cut off by bots from the rest of the raid with nobody in range.

      For tank movement, maybe it's possible to world-mark 4 corners of the "central area" and ask them to not leave that central area unless absolutely necessary?