Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Day in Wrath

I picked up Wrath at lunch today. After installing I logged on to an 800-person queue for Sargeras. I quickly switched to Skywall, which only had an 80-person queue. I took my hunter to Howling Fjord and did a few of the quests. Then I realized that I really wanted to play my paladin first, so I went back to Sargeras. By this time the queue had grown to 1300 people.

A long time later, I logged in with Coriel and started doing the Borean Tundra quests. Borean Tundra is a bit more crowded than Howling Fjord, but not too bad.

For now, I've decided to go with Retribution and mostly solo. I've decided not to rush to 80, but take my time. To that end, I've turned off Instant Quest Text. It actually does make a difference in immersion, I find. With Instant Quest Text, I barely read the quest, but having the text fade in forces me to slow down, to actually read the backstory behind the quest.


  1. That's actually an awesome idea. I promised myself I would take it slow and enjoy the ride, but yesterday I found myself quickly clicking Accept Quest without fully reading the text.

    With all those new quests being full of lore, it's such a waste to do that.

  2. lol...I had to turn my instant text off as well. I kept on getting losted. Sagaras was my first first server I played on before I rerolled horde.

    Did you play the original WoW on Sagaras?

    Guilds that I remember off hand are Noob Slayers, Blood Pact, G.O.D.S, Scared Storm....good memories lol

  3. I am keeping a medium pace tbh while leveling. Even if you try to rush things, there are lots of quests to take you back and forth. A few trips and you will register the are, get in grips with the quests, enjoy the scenery etc. I am in no rush to go to the next bit of content but I won't stay idle for long.

    I had the chance to do Utgarde and Nexus with some guildies while specced retribution and it was quite fun. We actualy did UK twice :p

    Both starting areas are quite nice. Sit down and `learn' the map, enjoy the scenery. I take screenshots for future reference. But at the same time I do want to keep leveling up to be on par with my gmates and avoid dead periods while they group and raid and I am hunting boars :p

  4. Brilliant idea! I'm going to do the same now. I really want to spend more time on the storyline in Wrath than I did in BC, but I know how easy it can be to slip into grind mode. Thanks for the tip.

  5. That is pretty short queue. My server earthen ring had queues over 1000 and wait time over 1 hour. I had so much free time on my hand I redesigned my blog and posted a couple entries. Blizzard fail!

  6. wtfspaghetti, I just moved to Sargeras a couple months ago. I don't really know many people there.

  7. I'm still waiting for my CE WotLK to arrive, but even if it was already here, I'm probably not going to start running in right away. While I'm psyched about the new content, and rolling my Death Knight, I really don't feel like dealing with lag (which I really expect in the DK starting zone), or queues, or any of that crap. I'm going to be busy playing Fallout 3 (which I just picked up today), and finishing off Red Alert 3. I'll see about poking around Sunday... maybe Saturday night at the earliest.

  8. I've been taking my time, at least a little bit. Early on I did a lot of "ooh what's over there?" Now I'm being more 'efficient', but only because the new quests are so well laid-out.

    It's quite fun leveling up without feeling rushed. The funny thing is, even though I'm not rushing, it's still going by very quickly.

    This really is a good place to be a paladin. Now if only we had a spell to reduce queue times, it took me over an hour to get on tonight.

  9. I'm a natural speed reader and I can't stand to have instant quest text off. I do read quests the first time around though.