Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Upcoming Paladin Changes

Ghostcrawler posted some changes coming to the paladin class. Here they are, slightly out of order, with some commentary:

1) Divine Protection no longer causes an attack penalty. Divine Shield's penalty was changed to 50% less damage done by the paladin.

2) Sacred Duty: This Protection talent no longer affects the attack penalty of Divine Shield and Divine Protection, but grants additional bonus Stamina.

Good, though obvious, changes. Did we need additional stamina? I doubt the Prot paladins will complain though. It's kind of odd though, we spent TBC as high Avoidance due to uncrushable, and have now morphed to extreme Mitigation tanks.

4) Judgement of Wisdom now returns a percentage of base mana instead of a percentage of max mana.

5) All mana drain effects now return a percentage of max enemy mana (making mana drains less punishing to paladins and other characters without large mana pools.)

This is a good change for a world where a few mana-using classes have stopped using Intellect.

6) Judgements of the Pure: This Holy talent now increases the damage done by Seals and Judgements.

Of course, rather than actually fixing the botch job they did on the Seals, Blizzard puts a band-aid on it and calls it a day.

Still, beggars can't be choosers, and Holy is definitely going begging these days.

7) All paladins receive a single-target taunt (name TBD) as a base ability.

My suggestion for a name was "Guardian's Challenge". However, on maintankadin, someone suggested "Rebuke" and I really like that. It's short, snappy, slightly exotic, and has great religious connotations.

3) Avenging Wrath, Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Hand of Protection have a shared, 30-second cooldown. The Forbearance effect is no longer triggered by Avenging Wrath.

Sigh. I really wish Blizzard would put some more thought into their paladin fixes. Locking out a Hand which we primarily cast on other people is not a good move.

Second, this solution doesn't fix AW + HoP if the HoP is cast by a second paladin. Though given that you cannot attack, it may not be such a big issue. And Forbearance still prevents back-to-back immunities.

I think HoP could be removed from this shared cooldown without much harm. Still, the whole situation with cooldowns and forbearance seems very jury-rigged to me. I'm sure there's a better, simpler solution.

Edit: Ghostcrawler clarifies:
You can use Hand of Protection during the internal cooldown, just not on yourself. The idea is to prevent the paladin from being able to combo damage immunity. We want you to still be able to use it on others.

I don't really understand how this is going to work.


  1. Well this is some slightly good news. I'm still upset by how extreme the Retadin nerfs were. I'm currently a tankadin now and I won't complain about extra stamina. Although I'm level 76 with 17k health so do I even need it? I can now drop some stamina enchants for strength which is good.

    Perhaps we will be a complete class by the end of the WotLK cycle.

  2. Also why the heck do we need a single target taunt? We don't need this and I can't imagine even putting it on my hot bars...not like I have room for it.

  3. A couple of reasons Preston:

    1) Every tanking class has a back-up taunt which may be used the primary taunt fails or is on cooldown. Except Paladins. Given the wierd way in which RD works this is a doubly bad situation as if the mob has no target (and during other situations) the spell fizzles.

    2) Righteous Defense's multi-target mechanic doesn't work very well in a couple of situations, the primary example being the Four Horseman encounter in Naxx. Giving us a bog-standard one-mob taunt alleviates this problem.

    As always, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  4. There are three situations where RD fails:

    1. Two paladins need to swap the mobs they are tanking (Four Horsemen).

    2. The mob is in range of the paladin, but the mob's target is out of range.

    3. Another tank is tanking multiple mobs, and the paladin needs to peel one specific mob away.

    The first two situations can be worked around, but the third cannot be. Taken all together, I guess Blizzard decided that a single-target Taunt was just too necessary.

  5. And just as you post it, GC updates the thread. I think he listens to you and not me :(.

    (P.S. Ranged pull).

  6. Yeah, GC has updated his post with some clarifications. HoP's cooldown doesn't affect casting it on others; only on yourself.

    And that Hand of Justice sounds neat.

  7. Tell me if this is overkill. Replace both Divine Shield and Avenging Wrath with Hand spells. Hand of Protection grants full immunity and Hand of Wrath (or whatever) grants the 20% boosts that AW grants.

    People would complain when/if the paladin didn't hand wings to another class.

    Divine Protection would have to remain a Holy Shield wall for Prot paladins, certainly. Forbearance could remain, but I would like AW exempt, just use it like it was originally intended to stop the double bubble.

  8. Changes slow coming with GC, I guess their may just be hope. Name of the new taunt is not exciting though.

  9. Oh, and a 30 yard ranged pull? My ret paladin will certainly love that. Though "Hand of Judgement?" Rename that. We cast hands on friendly targets, and we already have one HoJ. Just name it Rebuke and we're done.

  10. I'm not sure I like the name Hand of Judgement. We already have hands that do one type of thing, and judgements that do another. We need a bigger vocabulary.

    I do like the option of having a single target taunt though, even if it means I'll have to find more space on my action bars somewhere.

  11. And yet, you made a case on the forums against this taunt saying that it didn't mesh with the flavor of the class? That we had absolutely NO ranged attacks that all three specs could use?

    Screw flavor. I want a functioning class, damn it!

    -Iliya, Vek'Nilash

  12. Iliya, I'll put up a post with my view on that tomorrow or something.

  13. I personally don't think blizz has gone far enough with this taunt. It needs to be called something like "Holy Sacred Hand Of Divine Wrath Righteous Judgement"