Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick Taunt Macro

Quick macro idea to handle both Hand of Judgement and Righteous Defense:
/cast [harm] Hand of Judgment; [mod:shift][help] Righteous Defense

It casts the single target taunt if you are targeting an enemy, and Righteous Defense otherwise. If you press the Shift key, it should always cast Righteous Defense.


  1. Good idea. But how about:

    /castsequece [mod:shift][help] Righteous Defense; reset=8 Hand of Judgement, Righteous Defense

    Moving the [mod:shift] clause to the front means R.D. will take priority if you hold down shift while targetting a harmful mob.

    Another benefit of having the [mod:shift] test first is that you can drop the [harm] test from the HoJ clause.

    Putting Hand of Judgement in a castsequence means you can tap the button a second time if one taunt failed and you need to taunt again.

  2. Oops, it would have helped if I spelled "/castsequence" correctly.

  3. Can you do conditionals like that in a /castsequence? I didn't think you could, but I may be wrong. I'll have to test it out tonight.

  4. Any word on the /castsequence conditional? Can't go check it myself right now.

  5. Yes, the castsequence conditional works. It's pretty neat. You can specify multiple sequences, and a condition per sequence. It will even save your spot in the sequences.