Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I forgot to mention that the new Repentance is very useful, especially when tanking as Retribution.

It gives you a ranged pull that's also Crowd Control. It's like sheep-pulling, only the mobs run towards the tank instead of the mage.

I'm so used to Repentance being mediocre in PvE that I didn't even have it on my bar and was just body-pulling. Then there was a pull where I could not get close, and I remembered Repentance had been changed, so I pulled it out and it worked beautifully. I used it a lot for the rest of the instance.


  1. I love Repentance also when I'm dpsing in a group. I actually have CC now!

    Considering that my two chars (Druid + Pally) only recently got real CC with the last set of patches, I'm pretty happy.

  2. Would you be willing to do a post that's a guide / tips for tanking as ret?

    I'm a former prot pally who's leveling as ret -- I'd love to tank the intro instances, but am not in a guild at the moment so I'd be pugging it. Given the variability of pugs, and that I haven't heard much about ret tanking, I've been afraid to try it. But now that I hear you've been doing it...

    Any advice or tips you have would be appreciated. My prot gear is a mix of Kara-level epics and early Northrend greens.

  3. I swear in the name of all that's Holy (or Retribution, if you prefer) that I'm not using your blog for ideas! I'd just posted about Repentance as well - then refreshed my blog only to see YOUR post listed in my bloglist.

    /disengage from Rohan's EEG signature

  4. @judd w - Honestly you shouldn't have issues with tanking UK or most of the Nexus as a Ret-tank... most of the fights are so tank-and-spank that as long as you got a competent healer you really are ok.

    Blizzard really did a great job this time around in making the entry dungeons not very intimidating. I used to hate pugging 5-man in BC but after dipping my toes in the water this time around I would just recommend you to run full speed ahead.

  5. Ran an Ahn'Kahet run yesterday with a retpally tanking - was VERY impressed with the viability of the new Repentance for CC. Saved our bacon on the trash before the third boss. :)

  6. I still miss having mana tap as a non-prot ranged pull.

    In instances tanks seem to just grab everything. Sometimes they miss a mob due to healers that heal during the pull, but they tend to grab it right after I use repentance, so what's the point?

    It's really nice while soloing. Node-stealing is a big annoyance of mine, so I'm learning to repent whatever aggros, mine, then kill.

  7. Repentance is great as well if you get an additional add when soloing and you need to heal up a bit.

    Repent it, bandage, use divine plea and then whack it when you're ready

  8. Man this sucks for me....I was a retadin who respecced prot for the journey up to 80. I gotta say I've liked tanking the intro dungeons so far....although I'm sure I would of gotton the boot from a number of them if I was specced ret. It is not that I don't believe Ret can't tank, but I think there a lot of pugs that require prot pally/warrior, feral druid or now a frost DK.

    This has always pissed me off about pugs, esp with 5 man non-heroic runs. I actually got lip from a pug mate the other day because my health was only 13.5k unbuffed. He was afraid to take the protection pally with 13.5k health to UK because the last boss hits for 11k and I need to be able to take that damage. Well he was an idiot because the tank can easily run away from the "dark smash"...but then again pug's are full of idiots.

  9. lol, I think there are still a lot of pre-BC and BC conceptions of what is NEEDED to tank or do the 5-man floating around in Wrath. Now a day, I really don't see there being too much difference between taking a prot pally/warrior/bear, other then what you have available to you. The fights are so easy that it makes me laugh at people who are still holding onto to the old concepts.